advice on surf kayak purchase?

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advice on surf kayak purchase? Empty
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Desculpe, eu fale o muito pouco Português. I am living here in Sintra from the states, and I may be living in Portugal for as long as five years.

I have really never surfed, but I have been a whitewater kayaker for many years at home. I have a solid roll on both sides, and so I feel like the transition to start surf kayaking would be easier for me than surfing on a board.

I have spoken with a fellow selling a fiberglass boat that looks very nice, but I have not seen it in person. I wanted to ask advice about it from some people who might be able to point out its failings?

advice on surf kayak purchase? Pbucket

is this a good boat? any idea the brand or model? all the mega boats look so much more specialized, I wonder if this is simply an old design, etc?

I may not even fit in it, as he says it is tight for him at just under 6 ft and I am 6 ft, but people say I shouldn't be able to fit in my Jackson either Wink

here are some specs
Dimensões : 2,39
Peso : 85 kg
Altura : 1.82m
Cintura : 44/46

any advice is appreciated, (especially what might be a reasonable price for it?) I hope to get out and enjoy some of these great waves this summer!!

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advice on surf kayak purchase?
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